Our journey begins in the heart of Helaudakanda, a rural heaven in the picturesque and culturally rich tropical island nation of Sri Lanka, where the legacy of healing and compassion spans across generations. Driven by the unwavering commitment of our ancestors, the first generation, Helauda Manannalage Andiris, was a revered ayurvedic healer who selflessly tended to his villagers’ ailments. His wife, the village midwife, welcomed hundreds of new lives into the world. Together, they established the ‘Doctor’s house of Helaudakanda.’ The torch of ayurveda was then passed to Helauda Manannalage Suwaneris, who founded ‘Sanjeewanie Ayurveda’ in 1960, delivering top-notch ayurvedic medicine to the community.

The tradition continued with Helauda Manannalage Gnanarathne, who expanded our reach across Sri Lanka, earning us recognition from the Department of Ayurveda in 1992. Today, the fourth generation, Helauda Manannalage Dulanjan, carries forward our legacy, dedicated to sharing the wonders of authentic Ceylonese Ayurveda.